La Salle fighting hunger through its Pheed Philadelphia Program

When you are driving around in the city of Philadelphia and you see a bunch of children playing at a local playground, know that approximately one-third of the children may be living in poverty. As a result, those  of children may not be guaranteed a meal that night when they go home.

One out of three of these children are probably hungry
One out of three of these children could possibly be dealing with hunger.

Struggling parents have to pay for some expenses (electricity, heat, rent), while leaving others such as food off the list, simply due to the fact they cannot afford it. It’s a sad reality that plagues a large population here in Philadelphia. For more information, check out Hunger Coalition.

The hunger problem is prominent in Northwest Philadelphia, where La Salle University’s main campus is located. To help combat the problem, Pheed Philadelphia was started in 2011. In this program, students work towards fighting hunger and poverty through active involvement in local soup kitchens, dining halls, and on-campus awareness programs.

Taken from the Pheed Philadelphia website
Pheed Philadelphia students at La Salle making sandwiches

Rebecca Long and Molly Mahon are two of the 10 current coordinators. On Tuesday, Jan. 27, I spoke to two of them and they explained details regarding the Pheed Philadelphia program, including how it was started.

Mahon said, “There [were] two programs on campus. One was called Soup Kitchen Group and the other one was called Homeless Outreach, and once they realized they were basically… working with the same population of people… they joined together and started Pheed Philadelphia…”.

Students from Pheed Philadelphia go to four soup kitchens a week and go every day except Wednesdays.

Pheed Philadelphia is working to expand their efforts. Hopefully sooner rather than later, children do not have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

La Salle fighting hunger through its Pheed Philadelphia Program