Exploring Nutrition asks local residents about local food sources

As a part of La Salle University’s Exploring Nutrition, I traveled around to La Salle’s surrounding communities to gauge local residents’ thoughts about their source(s) of food.

Specifically, I talked to several residents from Logan/Ogontz/Fern Rock, and another woman from the North Philadelphia area.

Ebony Northan of Logan told me she likes to eat at Relish, which is located on 7152 Ogontz Ave. in Philadelphia.

Side entrance to Relish
Side entrance to Relish

According to its site, Relish show-cases the finest in modern southern cuisine, the best in live jazz and a fantastic Saturday and Sunday Brunch. Its menu features feature selections like Southern Shrimp Scampi, Deviled “Cajun Shrimp” Eggs and Smothered Turkey Wings with Fresh Rosemary.

Other people noted going to take-out restaurants such as Wendy’s or Explorers Den, the latter of which is located directly down the street from La Salle’s main campus.

Northan continued to tell me about her desire to see farmer’s markets and butcher shops in the area for more access to fresh food. “[These places offer] fresh-cut meat… just a better selection of just what’s already cut up and served up for the serving size.”

Ebony Northan, 34, Logan
Ebony Northan, 34, Logan

As for food shopping, despite the fact a Fresh Grocer supermarket is located minutes from La Salle, Shop Rite was the overwhelming favorite for those I spoke to. The price of items was on everybody’s mind when they mentioned Shop Rite as their main source for groceries. Most of them said Shop Rite was cheaper than other supermarkets.

There are several Shop Rites littered around La Salle’s main campus, and people seem to be willing to travel a little bit further to save some money. For example, Justine, who lives on the 5700 block of N. 20th st., would rather travel 2 miles to the Shop Rite on Front and Olney, then go to the Fresh Grocer that sits less than a half-mile from her home.

Most of the people I talked to seemed to be critical of the food sources available to them. I believe this is due to the limited amount of options they have to choose from. People eventually get sick of eating the same things repeatedly. Exploring Nutrition needs to acknowledge their feelings, and start changing the attitudes of local residents by turning their criticisms into compliments.


Exploring Nutrition asks local residents about local food sources

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